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Testing times

From the stability of concrete structures, much in the news of late, to the audibility of intruder alarms and everything in between the test laboratories at BRE in Hertfordshire are on the frontline of construction safety standards in the UK & further afield.

Speaking from the heart on a special day

A chance to meet a genuine Sporting Idol and role model for Anglo American employees. An event to mark the fifth anniversary of the company's Real You colleague network.

Leading the way in Tech

Working with Kindred and The Gatsby Foundation on a new suite of images for the Institutes of Technology website and social media campaign gave me some great insight into the Technology training of the future here in the UK.

For your listening pleasure

Working with long time client & collaborator Simon Goodall, now of and then associates, I was tasked with shooting assets for the Frontier Smart Technologies website & branding.

Behind the scenes in Lockdown

Working on a Covid-Safe production during lockdown brought about certain challenges, most notably seeing through the viewfinder clearly as my glasses began to steam up whilst wearing a mask for 3 days straight on set.

NHS Estates - The case for investment

Reflecting on previous projects post - Covid and finally seeing some of that work come to fruition can seem strange when we are still living in a very different landscape where social distancing is the norm.


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