Knitting for the NHS

My observations of Hope and Community Spirit during lockdown - In the village in the Chilterns that I now call home.
Knitted Rainbow on Sun lit Road Sign during Lockdown
Rainbow adorned 30 mph sign on village road with jogger in the distance during Lockdown
Rainbow flag in hedge on deserted street in Lockdown
Knitted rainbow in semi shadow on street sign in dappled light
Home made rainbow sign on fence supporting NHS and war heroes during lockdown
Random rainbow drawings on window during Lockdown
Rainbows in windows during Lockdown
Rainbow signage to support the NHS and Captain Tom during lockdow
Knitted rainbow peeks from behind street sign with neighbourhood watch logo
Rainbow pinted pebble in subtke show of support for the NHS during lockdown
Cycle route signage adorned with rainbow scarf during lockdown
Stay at home for NHS sign on street corner
Rainbow decoration on roadsign during lockdown
Rainbow in Leaded window scene
Rainbows everywhere during lockdown
Knitted rainbow scarf draped on roadsign during lockdown
Rainbow Shrine to NHS in Alleyway during lockdown
Solitary jogger on empty road passing rainbow adorned signpost during lockdown
Rainbow amongst sunlit trees in rural street scene
Rainbow Hearts draped from street sign during lockdown
Knitted rainbow on locked school gate during lockdown
Rainbow graffiti on shelter during lockdown
Knitted Tricolor hanging from branch during lockdown
Rainbow in window in the distance
Childrens Rainbow drawings in House window during loickdown
Knitted rainbow lights up otherwise mundane street sign during lockdown
Knitted Rainbow on speed warning sign at entrance to farm during lockdown
Thank you sign to the NHS in Rural Shop window during lockdown
Knitted rainbow scarf attached to telegraph pole in deserted Rural road scene
Deserted rural road scene with distant rainbow clad speed sign
Rainbow scarf on roadsign during lockdown
Rural speed sign wrapped in Rainbow scarf with cyclists passing during lockdown
Stay safe rainbow heart drawing on pavement during lockdown
Tree wrapped in banner made from scarves and rainbows previously seen around Prestwooid in Buckinghamshire during lockdown

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