Black male patient being treated by two nurses in Intensive Care Unit
Student Nurse writing on board at Nurse Station in A&E
Nurse in discussion with Radiographer in hospital corridor
Group in teaching scenario in Radiography Department of NHS Hospital
Radiographer with patient standing for Facial X-Ray
Radiographer at the controls performing a Mammogram
Radigrapher with patient preparing for CT Scan
Radigrapher reassuring patient before MRI Scan
Young boy with toys talking to medic in childrens ward
Asian Nurse & Radiographer in  discussion about Long Bone X-rays on screen
Nurse with patient in Chemotherapy Unit
Close up of automated sample testing in Lab
Close up of two workers in Pharmaceutical Lab putting getting prepared to enter Clean Room
Scientist in Phara Lab demonstrating equipment
Two scintists in Skincare Laboratory lookig at cultures in Petri Dish
Close up of Test Tube preparation in Commercial Pharmaceutical Laboratory
Two people in White Coats undertaking sample analysis in Skincare Laboratory
Mother with two young children in bathroom brushing teeth with electric toothbush
Asian mother & child in conversation with doctor in white coat in consulting room
GP in conversation with Nurse and Practice manager
Black patient having Blood Pressure taken in GP consultation
Receptionist in conversation with nurse in busy NHS hospital ward
Two people full length in discussion from behind in Health Centre corridor
Staff conversation in NHS ward reception area
Black NHS nurse looking at patient information on whiteboard at nursing station
Practice nurse in conversation with GP outside consulting room
Finger prick testing for Insulin level
Looking at reading after Insulin testing
Nursing staff in conversation taking a break in Hospital Garden
Young woman with technician undergoing skintype diagnosis
Doctor in discussion with Care Home staff in corridor
Physiotherapist talking to patient on rehab apparatus
Mother with newborn baby smiling with Midwife in Post Natal Care Unit
Close up of mobile phone with NHS Healthcare App on screen
Midwife & Mother in Ante Natal appointment
Close up of female scientist looking into microscope
Close up of woman with headset in Health Centre office
NHS hospital staff in conversation at Nursing Station
Black Afro Caribbean Man on check in machine in Health Centre with GP standing in the background
Close up of vials being inserted into PCR Analysis machine in Laboratory
Close up of multi channel pippette filling vials in a Laboratory
Woman looking down at reading whilst standing on weighing scales shot from above
Practice manager in conversation with staff in busy Medical Centre Hub
Two young children with mother in Health Centre waiting room
Close up of resucitation dummy with hands on chest in CPR training session

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