Media students with clapperboard in interview scenario
Two Black students in conversation with someone off camera in common room setting
Three female black textile students in conversation
Young black schoolgirl with teacher painting in Art lesson
Young black female drama student in dialogue in shakespearean play group rehearsal
Group of four muslim female students in group setting smiling and talking off camera
Teenage schoolboy with teacher discussing work in Art Class
Three female boarding students in bedroom
Group of Army cadets smiling whilst doing push ups shot from behind female instructor
Group of army cadets jogging towards camera on woodland assault course
Close up of Young schoolchild & teacher in classroom setting
Muslim female teacher talking to young schoolboy with laptop
Drama teacher interacting with teenage students in Drama class
Female PE teacher in discussion with teenage female student on climbing wall
Female PE teacher helping teenage female student in weights session in gym
Group of teenage students carrying boat back to shore after rowing session on River Thames in Putney
Group of teenage girls with swimming hats in the pool with female swimming coach in discussion on the side of the pool
Group of teenage boys playing hockey in indoor setting
Male student with shotgun training for clay pigeon competition
Three teenage female students playing netball indoors
Group of female students in dance class
Teenage schoolboys forming a scrum with coach in rugby training session
Male student with safety goggles on jigsaw in Design Tech lesson
Close up of young female student filing a metal butterfly in Design Tech classroom
Group of young students & farm tutor with lambs in lambing pen on school farm
Group of young students & farm tutor with cattle in field on school farm
Two young female students laughing in woods at Forest School
Young female student birdwatching in Forest School
Two black students with open textbooks in conversation in classroom setting
Mixed group of female teenage students in coomon room of Boarding House
Black male music student in profile singing into recording microphone
Young female fashion student looking at garment pinned onto mannequin
Male hair & beauty stuent drying female hair shot from behind looking into mirror
Mixed group of young female students having fun with keyboards & headphones in school music lesson
Close up of female teenage student with Brass instrument in group rehearsal
Young female student with guitar and Music teacher smiling in conversation
Mixed group of young schoolchildren in Dinner Hall
Mixed group of teenage students relaxing under a tree with school buildings in the background
Group of young schoolboys at breaktime with trading cards
Two young schoolgirls with magnifying glass in woods looking for insects
Close up of two young schoolgirls in uniform walking on busy corridor between lessons
Close up of Black female student holding tongs in science experiment with Asian student and Teacher in the background
Young teenage female students with bunsen burners in science classroom
Teenage student with teacher in science lesson with microscopes
Two young schoolboys with anatomical model in biology lesson looking off camera

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