Director sat at table looking to camera
Two directors in discussion on balcony below large roof structure
Group shot of Board of Directors with patterned blue background
Director in animated conversation to camera in reception with branding
Reportage style portrait of black female charity director
Reportage style shot of director in a meeting
Board of directors of Property Company seated outside a London Cafe
Management Group standing full length in front of TV Studio set
Cutout of Black male with Asian Female director
Corporate portrait of businesswoman looking to camera
Male director in suit standing and looking to camera
Retail management Group shot in French Shopping Centre
Prominent Asian director in reportage style
Large cutout board group assembled from smaller groupings
Board Group seated & standing in reception area of corporate HQ
Two male directors looking off camera in retail envirionment
Two cut-out female business colleagues smiling in conversation
Retail management Group shot in Italian Shopping Centre
Group shot of Board of Property Company in architecturally relevant environment
Director from the waist up in front of company branding
Retail Management Group portrait in Department Store
Moody close up B&W Shot of Director looking off camera
Portrait of Director seated in hospitality setting
Formal portrait of German Male Director
Corporate portrait of man in suit looking to camera
Portrait of two male directors in branded reception area
Reportage style portrait of female director looking to camera
Female director looking off camera with view of the Gherkin in the background
B&W reportage style shot of businessman being interviewed
Businessman in back seat of Chauffer Driven car shot through the window with reflections
Animated reportage style shot of female director
Reportage style shot of female director in conversation
Male director in conversation off camera
Female director relaxed in conversation off camera
Female businesswoman seated and looking back over shoulder off camera
Male businessman sat on the edge of Sofa looking to camera
Closely cropped B&W portrait of Chairman in profile

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