Man at work carrying Baguettes in Retail setting
Woman putting patisserie in a box on shop counter
Woman dressing a mannequin in Fashion store window
Man in dark suit and woman in red dress in conversation walking in office reception
Man walking past in motion with drinks trolley in office location
Two businessmen walking towards camera in office corridor with glass bricks
Air hostess putting bags in overhead locker
Flight crew anouncing departure details just before take off
Man and Woman in conversation in office corridor
Woman leading the discussion surrounded by colleagues on long meeting room table
Man gesturing with hands to make a point in business meeting
Man and woman in conversation as they walk through large reception of corporate office building
Two work colleagues, male and female, standing, in discussion looking at screen in corporate headquarters
Two work colleagues, man and woman laughing and smiling in conversation in the office
Man with headset leaning over looking at screen in customer support setting
Informal meeting in office break out area
Two men looking out from elevated position over proposed development site
Informal break out meeting with two male colleagues in discussion
Male trader on the phone at city trading desk
Woman on reception with office background with dynamic out of focus ceiling lights
Man and woman in conversation in office corridor
Chef putting finishing touches on plate of food before sevice
Two chefs smiling and laughing at the entrance to a Chinese restaurant
Overhead shot of man and woman walking though the atrium of a corporate office building
Production team meeting discussing a product
Soldier in the back of a covered vehicle with military grade laptop
Group of five work colleagues in discussion on Sofas in Breakout area
Seven people in planning meeting at developers site office
Television panel discussion host checking audience details on chairs shot from above the lighting rig
Three people in strategy meeting in Property developers office
Two work colleagues in discussion in open plan office
Two female litter pickers smiling at camera with work van in the background
Woman in headscarf in conversation with male colleague looking at screen
Woman on headset in Call Centre
Two male colleagues looking at screen on trading floor with trading board in the background
Man in lawyers wig and gown shot from behind in conversation with female lawyer
Two barristers, male and female in discussion in courtyard
Wide view of busy city trading floor
Woman applying her own make up looking at mirror in department store setting
Woman having make-up applied in department store make up counter
Shop worker dressing window in fashion store
Male shopworker showing customer a neck tie to compliment shirt in retailer
Shop worker helping a customer choose a suit in fashion store
Man and woman in informal meeting in Breakout area of business park

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