Portrait of two volunteers in a community garden
Corporate portrait of woman in red jacket with City background
Corporate portrait of man with City background
Exterior management portrait with City background
Cut out portraits
Portrait of black university student
Management portrait with Backgammon board
Potrait in search of Hidden London
Corporate portrait of two directors with converted warehouse style backgound
Cutouts of staff members
Corporate portrait in front of colourful print background
Portrait of proprietor of Social Enterprise Cafe
Corporte portrait of Alumni in Gentlemans outfitters
Portrait of Man at work & play
Cutout portrait of Man at work & play
Cutout Portrait of woman at work & play
Group Portrait of Netball Team shot from above
Corporate portrait with Branded background
relaxed group portrait of creative team
Portrait of Asian woman & Black man in skin care lab environment
Portrait of Female Russian factory worker in sweetcorn processing plant
Portrait of Female Russian Factory worker with dough
Femal group shot of women from infrastructure company
Model portraits for market segmentation
Male & Female Model portraits for market segmentation
Two Model portraits for market segmentation
Mature Model portraits for market segmentation
Portrait of female colleague with office background
Portrait of Male Factory worker with production background
Cutout portrait of man with red chair round table and laptop
Portrait of male worker outside at Sugar Plant
Portrait of Female Vicar at Health Centre
Portrait of community worker leaning on community bench in rural location
Portrait of community Dance Workshop proprietor
Portrait of Nurse in Minor Ops Theatre
Portrait of Community Sewing Workshop proprietor
Portrait with sharks
Group portrait of community volunteers in Secret Garden
Corporate portrait of woman in skincare company headquarters
Portrait of Student with graph on screen
Portrait of female student in University Library
Portrait of businesswoman seated in Corporate environment
Relaxed cutout group shot of team members
Relaxed Cutout portrait of Black woman

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