The only way to get around amidst the hustle and bustle of Marrakech
Close up of parked scooter in Marrakech Bazaar
Conversation seated on a scooter in Marrakech Bazaar scene
Man on scooter looking through railings in Marrakech street scene
Scooter racing around Marrakech side streets
Man on scooter in traffic on Marrakech street
Wide Marrakech street scene with palm trees and scooters
Man on scooter in colourful Marrakech sidestreet going under archway
Men on scooters in stationary traffic surrounded by taxis in Marrakech street
Man on scooter with passenger and door frame on busy Marrakech side street in the Bazaar
Woman on Scooter in traffic with Pink tunic, blue headscarf, white gloves and dark glasses
Scooters coming and going on side street in Marrakech Bazaar
Two scooters with passengers in motion amongst traffic on Marrakech street

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