Tyre pressure check on aircraft
Overnight freight operations at CDG Airport
Order Picker in conversation in Warehouse
Boxes moving on rollers / conveyor in distribution warehouse
Sealing a box in distribution warehouse shot from above
Close up of quality control checking of print on CD with a magnifier
Disc manufacture close up
Worker walking past sign at Paper Mill
Quality control check on packaging print
Three factory workers in conversation with safety slogans on back of Red Polo shirts
Worker amongst rolls of paper in Paper Mill
Two workers in Hi-Vis vests in conversation in Paper Mill
Driver fastening straps on side curtain of lorry in distribution warehouse
Print worker checking details in packaging plant
Close up of rollers from above in packaging plant
Worker on night shift in packaging plant
Close up in packaging plant
Close up of rollers from the side in packaging plant
Two men doing quality control in Paper Mill
Batches of Samples from Paper Mill
Two workers in conversation at QC station on Corrugator machine
Two workers in conversation on platform of Corrugator machine
Close up of worker in Packaging plant
Conversation between male operative & female supervisor in Paper Mill
Conversation between 3 operatives in Corrugator plant
Quality control in packaging plant
Operative on radio in control room of Paper Plant
Operative doing quality check on cutout in packaging plant
Male & female operatives doing quality check on Bag in Box manufacture
Conversation between 3 operatives with paperwork in Corrugator plant
Two workers walking & talking shot from behind in Paper Mill
Packaging Plant entrance at night
Abstract shot of ships hull in Teesdock
Cranes at the docks in Hartlepool
Man holding out a spray gun in spray booth in Car Bodyshop
One Male & Female bio scientist discussing results in Industrial greenhouse
Sample Testing in Industrial Greenhouse
Close up of Sample Testing in Industrial Greenhouse
Black bio-scientist examining crop samples grown in a lab
Audio testing on roadworks site
Road resurfacing workers
Worker in Industrial Bakery checking batches
Worker on production line in Eastern European Industrial Bakery
Supervisor on radio in Waste Management plant
Site surveyors checking construction on major engineering project

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