Collaborating with the enemy

Collaborating with designers to produce good work has always appealed and when there is a mutual desire to achieve a stunning result, even better, especially when you are sparring partners!

Recent design graduate Joe Wright & myself are usually keen opponents on the piste but when Watford Fencing Club needed some banners to promote the club we pooled our talents to great effect for the banners below.

Click here to see more of Joe's work.


Getting your kicks

A chance meeting at a networking event with Ken Pankiewicz from KickFit gave me an insight into his world of running a Martial Arts School.

A couple of months later I found myself shooting an event for him where the full repertoire of Martial Arts skills were on view.








Captured on the Piste

In my “other life” as Chairman of my son’s Fencing Club I’m often found wandering around “off piste” trying to capture the action unfolding in front of me. In spite of the fact that fencing generally takes place in dimly lit sports halls and needs to be shot at fast shutter speeds to freeze the action with very limited angles to shoot, occasionally there are some nice shots to be had.


This is where my trusty Nikon D4 really comes into its own allowing me to shoot at previously impossible ISO levels to capture what can be a very explosive sport.

A recent trip to the English Youth Championships in Hertfordshire Sports Village allowed me to capture some of the club’s fencers in action.


To see some more of the action you can visit the
TRYB fencing club website which I have designed and continue to manage as well as providing a large proportion of the content.



A peek into the life of this working photographer

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