NHS Estates - The Case for Investment

Reflecting on previous projects post - Covid and finally seeing some of that work come to fruition can seem strange when we are still living in a very different landscape where social distancing is the norm.


However, the project I photographed last summer for NHS England has now been finished and if anything recent events have strengthened the case for investment in the NHS primary care estate which was the reason for this commission from NHS England.

Working together with designer Antony Harrington from Studio Metier we visited sites across the country to document recent projects funded by the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund (ETTF) to highlight the successes and strengthen the investment case going forward.

Some examples of the spreads can be found below.









Twenty five years of extraordinary days

Working with Kerrie Palmer and Neil Stockwell from the creative team at Buchanan Communications I was given the opportunity along with writer Mark Norman to help to tell the stories of management and employees, service users and their families as well as other people involved with CareTech or who's lives had been positively impacted by CareTech over the last twenty five years.

The 25th Anniversary celebrations for the company included the production of a beautifully crafted, 150 page book full of memories charting the progress of the organisation and featuring case studies and portraits of significant people thoughout it's history.


A selection of spreads from the book can be found below.











Locations for a healthy dialogue

Working directly with NHS England and designer Antony Harrington from Studio Metier I was commissioned to shoot in various locations around the country to highlight stories from the "Healthy New Towns" programme of NHS Funding where the emphasis was putting HEALTH INTO PLACE.


The photography featured a series of case studies showcasing the projects and people behind this initiative to embed health & wellbeing in new & expanding communities where large amounts of new housing developments were taking place.

Below are a sample of images used as section openers throughout the documents.




Simple Styling for Medical Software Shoot

With all sorts of props on hand from an Alladin’s cave of a location a simple execution of the brief was achieved for this series of clean minimal shots commissioned for medical software company Nervecentre.

Commissioned by Philosophy Design with creative director James Dicken on hand to art direct, the cove of the in house studio at Film + Medical was used to create these shots for the website.


With Hospital locations increasingly difficult & expensive to access for shoots,
Film + Medical proved to be an ideal location to achieve the desired look.

Turn around from the cove and behind the camera was a fascinating environment with all sorts of artifacts old and new from the medical profession as well as various sets around the building and an amazing stock of props. A great resource for any shoot of a Medical nature, all in the usual non descript building on a west london trading estate. Mind you, parking was easy!

Visit the
Nervecentre website to see more images from the shoot.


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