The curious incident of a BBC documentary and some familiar faces.

I recently found myself sitting in front of the television after a long day editing, the move from one screen to the other brightened by the happy coincidence of a familiar scene being shown in front of me.

The episode of the BBC Imagine documentary series featured the making of the stage production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, discovering how it has transformed the public’s perception of Autism.

Familiar faces began to appear from the Holmewood School London who’s staff and student’s experiences of living with Autism were interwoven with the footage of the stage production. Many of the characters featured from the school had recently been in front of (and behind) my camera during a shoot I had undertaken late in September at this very impressive school in North London.

A small selection of some images from the shoot can be found below.










Further information about the Holmewood School London can be found on the website and this fascinating documentary can be found on the BBC iPlayer until 10/12/15 on the following link.

Good to be part of GREAT Britain


No opinions offered, No Politics, just nice to be part of a positive Campaign celebrating what we are good at.

Radley Yeldar picked up one of my shots from a school prospectus for Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College to use in the ever expanding GREAT Britain Campaign.

here to see more of the campaign which uses a wide range of images from various sources to showcase what is GREAT about Britain.

Always learning

It’s always nice to see how things develop over time.

Even nicer to work for clients that consistently use your pictures so well.


I have enjoyed working with The Right Stuff on the prospectus for Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College since way back in 2005.


In that time I’ve seen the school go through all sorts of changes as the curriculum has become more diverse, with shiny new buildings springing up around the site, as well as pupils growing up before my very eyes as they move through the school.

One such girl that I photographed for the cover in a science lab back in 2009 made her reappearance as a sixth form textile student to be featured again in this years shoot, before the end of term and the nervous wait for exam results.


Further examples from this year’s photography can be found below.





A peek into the life of this working photographer

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