Breathing easier behind the camera

As a photographer that wears glasses I have to admit to struggling a bit when wearing a face mask to shoot, especially indoors where the combination of a warm environment and a hectic schedule conspire to steam up both my glasses and the viewfinder.

Catching up with an old school friend on LinkedIn led to me seeing one of his posts about a face mask produced by Renz which I thought might help with the situation mentioned above. So after he sent me a couple of samples I thought I would give the new mask a try.




I found it pretty comfortable to wear and the shape of the mask allowed me to hold the camera to my eye freely without any problems or steaming up of the viewfinder. I was working outside but similar tests inside also proved to be far more comfortable than wearing a cloth face covering. Not the best look in the world but it certainly worked for me, not to mention the fact that it also makes it easier to communicate with your subject.

The masks come with two shields and two cords in the packaging below.


It would be interesting to see what people think, especially those of us that wear glasses.

Thanks to my assistant Jack Mather for the BTS pictures taken of me in action.

Behind the scenes in Lockdown

Working on a Covid-Safe production during lockdown brought about certain challenges, most notably seeing through the viewfinder clearly as my glasses began to steam up whilst wearing a mask for 3 days straight on set.

I was asked to shoot production stills and some behind the scenes video for an independent short film production on "Phantoms" - a phycological horror short directed by Alex Kavanagh based around a phantom pregnancy.


Below are a selection of images taken on set during the production earlier this summer in a variety of locations around West London.











More details about the film can be found on the Phantoms Indigogo funding page or visit the film's instagram page for further updates and release date.

NHS Estates - The Case for Investment

Reflecting on previous projects post - Covid and finally seeing some of that work come to fruition can seem strange when we are still living in a very different landscape where social distancing is the norm.


However, the project I photographed last summer for NHS England has now been finished and if anything recent events have strengthened the case for investment in the NHS primary care estate which was the reason for this commission from NHS England.

Working together with designer Antony Harrington from Studio Metier we visited sites across the country to document recent projects funded by the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund (ETTF) to highlight the successes and strengthen the investment case going forward.

Some examples of the spreads can be found below.









Twenty five years of extraordinary days

Working with Kerrie Palmer and Neil Stockwell from the creative team at Buchanan Communications I was given the opportunity along with writer Mark Norman to help to tell the stories of management and employees, service users and their families as well as other people involved with CareTech or who's lives had been positively impacted by CareTech over the last twenty five years.

The 25th Anniversary celebrations for the company included the production of a beautifully crafted, 150 page book full of memories charting the progress of the organisation and featuring case studies and portraits of significant people thoughout it's history.


A selection of spreads from the book can be found below.











Locations for a healthy dialogue

Working directly with NHS England and designer Antony Harrington from Studio Metier I was commissioned to shoot in various locations around the country to highlight stories from the "Healthy New Towns" programme of NHS Funding where the emphasis was putting HEALTH INTO PLACE.


The photography featured a series of case studies showcasing the projects and people behind this initiative to embed health & wellbeing in new & expanding communities where large amounts of new housing developments were taking place.

Below are a sample of images used as section openers throughout the documents.




Back to the wall - Part two

Having felt privileged to have been in Berlin before the wall came down I decided to re-visit some of the places I had photographed as a young photography Student back in 1987.

Finding the prints from 30 years ago was the first hurdle to overcome for which a trip up into the loft was ultimately required and I was delighted to find they were still in good order.

This was followed by a concerted effort to find the locations of the shots I had taken without the help of geo tags & the like.

Eventually, a map secured in the DDR museum was my point of reference for trying to retrace my steps along the wall to recreate the shots I took all those years ago from the Western side of the wall and beyond.

My decision to shoot in B&W in 1987 was largely to represent the "cold feeling" the wall gave me in what was actually a very decadent and colourful city as opposed to the approach taken by most of my fellow students who opted to shoot in "full technicolor". Two different approaches which gave a very different representation of the wall and its legacy which I suppose only came to prominence two years later with the fall of the wall.

Thankfully my monochrome approach back in 1987 served to further illustrate the stark differences in this once divided city between then & now.













One location in the former East Berlin that I couldn't track down was way ahead of it's time. Recycling food was widespread in the DDR.


Back to the wall - Part one

A recent trip to Berlin gave me a chance to reacquaint myself with a wonderful city that I hadn't actually visited since 1987 - two years before the fall of the wall.

The Eastside gallery now contains the largest section of the wall still standing which became an "official" canvas for a selection of artists after the fall of the wall and for the hordes of tourists alike.










The curious incident of a BBC documentary and some familiar faces.

I recently found myself sitting in front of the television after a long day editing, the move from one screen to the other brightened by the happy coincidence of a familiar scene being shown in front of me.

The episode of the BBC Imagine documentary series featured the making of the stage production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, discovering how it has transformed the public’s perception of Autism.

Familiar faces began to appear from the Holmewood School London who’s staff and student’s experiences of living with Autism were interwoven with the footage of the stage production. Many of the characters featured from the school had recently been in front of (and behind) my camera during a shoot I had undertaken late in September at this very impressive school in North London.

A small selection of some images from the shoot can be found below.










Further information about the Holmewood School London can be found on the website and this fascinating documentary can be found on the BBC iPlayer until 10/12/15 on the following link.

My Mate in Marrakech


With all the madness of Marrakech going on around me it was the scooters flying around in the narrow streets of the souks that captured my eye. All sorts of locals young and old weaving through the bustling crowds and in amongst the buses and taxis on the busy roads of this frenetic city. With brands like Docker and Mate being the prevalent models the ubiquity of this personal mode of transport and the characters riding around gave me an interesting insight into the people living and working in the city.












Showroom Dummies

In the last couple of years I have found myself wandering around in shopping centres throughout Europe, shooting annual report projects for Eurocommercial Properties.

Being a child of the 80’s with a penchant for Kraftwerk inspired electronic music I was naturally drawn to the elegance and simplicity of showroom dummies, images of which I continue to shoot as part of an ongoing project.

For some nostalgia electronica take a look at this
rare treat.







A peek into the life of this working photographer

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