Retail therapy in lockdown

One thing the lockdown has certainly provided us all with is a chance to take a look at the work we have been doing over the last couple of years. Revisiting and editing past work often gives us photographers the chance to tease out some gems and to find our favourites from a job that passed us by in busier times.


So taking a look back at a project last summer for Eurocommercial properties took me back to a time when the energy and buzz of the world of retail was in full swing as opposed to the isolated existence we are now experiencing. No Zoom meetings with views from our lounges but the ebb and flow of everyday life with the freedom of movement we crave a return to.

Mind you, personally I'm not sure my first outing will be to a shopping centre.

Here is a selection of some of my (new) favourite shots from this project in Belgium, France and Italy .








The Art of Negotiation

A call from a new agency gave me an opportunity to return to my editorial roots shooting some engaging portraits for a magazine for The Negotiation Society.

With great design and art direction from Chris Perowne at Initials we worked with strong coloured backgrounds and mood lighting to create the spreads below for the first two issues of the magazine for global negotiation specialists The Gap Partnership.

Click here to take a closer look at The Negotiation Society.

TGP-TNS Magazine_We Need to Talk About Kevin-1_1000px

TGP-TNS Magazine_We Need to Talk About Kevin-2_1000px

TGP-TNS Magazine_HAIN-1_1000px

TGP-TNS Magazine_HAIN-2_1000px

Impacting the Brand

Having built up a relationship with leading edge Bioscience company Plant Impact over the last few years shooting their operations and Board of Directors for use in their Annual Reports and on the company website, this year's Annual Report project provided an opportunity to move their visual brand forward with a series of clean, high key images commissioned by Emperor Design.


Shooting tethered to clear layouts with text overlays on screen enabled us to work around various elements of copy and infographics to bring the Annual Report spreads to life and maximise the impact of the image space within the design.





Retail people

Shooting the Board of Directors and senior management team for Debenhams 2016 Report and accounts gave me the chance to shoot some really nice group shots in an interesting environment, with some room to breathe for a change.



It also gave me the chance of an altogether more illuminating experience, shooting in-store scenarios in my natural reportage style, to cover all kinds of activities from the clothing rails to the make-up counters, featuring a wealth of individuals who drive the business of this retail giant. 




Following the Paper Trail

Early 2016 saw me back on the road for Global Paper & Cardboard products manufacturer Smurfit Kappa to shoot some new images for their Sustainability Report incorporating locations in the UK, The Netherlands, Austria & Switzerland.

Lots of paper work, but on an industrial scale.






The next move for Beiersdorf

The starting point for a fresh new look for the Beiersdorf Careers homepage was to create some "moving stills" for a new web banner.

Working through a process which included various tests with cinemagraphs we eventually settled on some "quiet" video clips to combine into a simple moving web banner.

Some screen grabs from the banner can be seen below.


The video for the banner can be seen here showing off all it's moves, together with some additional new photography throughout the new look Careers section of the Beiersdorf website.

If you only had three words ...

A series of Talking Heads commissioned by Crumpled Dog Design for Pro Insurance services for their HR team was a project that grew to a fairly lengthy training resource for new inductions but I like to see it distilled down to a much shorter version of “Pro in 3 words”.

Simple Styling for Medical Software Shoot

With all sorts of props on hand from an Alladin’s cave of a location a simple execution of the brief was achieved for this series of clean minimal shots commissioned for medical software company Nervecentre.

Commissioned by Philosophy Design with creative director James Dicken on hand to art direct, the cove of the in house studio at Film + Medical was used to create these shots for the website.


With Hospital locations increasingly difficult & expensive to access for shoots,
Film + Medical proved to be an ideal location to achieve the desired look.

Turn around from the cove and behind the camera was a fascinating environment with all sorts of artifacts old and new from the medical profession as well as various sets around the building and an amazing stock of props. A great resource for any shoot of a Medical nature, all in the usual non descript building on a west london trading estate. Mind you, parking was easy!

Visit the
Nervecentre website to see more images from the shoot.

Planes, People with Planes and well ..... more Planes

It’s funny how every Annual Report season seems to end up homing in on a particular sector. This year for me it seems to be all things related to Aviation.


This time of year it is not unusual for me to spend a lot of time in airports and on various aircraft but not necessarily in the Jump Seat!

This years Report & Accounts for ASL Aviation threw everything at me.

From standing on the roof at Charles de Gaul airport in Paris, on a freezing cold February night, photographing cargo planes being loaded.

Sniffer dogs prowling up and down lines of freight to be cleared for loading.

To maintenance crews on the apron at Shannon Airport carrying out various pre flight checks.

Oh, and did I mention lots of shots of planes.

Further images from the project can be viewed in context


Another project took me up to Edinburgh for Carnegie Orr, to shoot portraits of a selection of John Menzies personnel who work in and around the Airport.

Baggage handlers, check in staff and various other characters around the business were photographed for use throughout this years Annual Report. You can see some of the resulting spreads below.


here to view the Annual Report in all its interactive glory.

New year starts with a new site

New Year, New website and the return of familiar subject matter.

It's always nice when clients come back for more and I started the year off very quickly, only 2 days after the festivities, with a trip to Germany to reacquaint myself with the Paper and Cardboard manufacturing process courtesy of Smurfit Kappa.

Further trips to Denmark and Italy were undertaken, followed by some UK shoots in Bristol, Cumbria and Chelmsford before adding some symmetry to the job by finishing back in the Industrial Heartland of Germany.

I seem to be going there quite a bit these days.

Oh yes, an economy that seems to be working. Wouldn’t that be nice, if somewhat unfamiliar.

Fascinating places as usual, Hot and humid mostly with cardboard and paper flying past at a rate of knots, sometimes covered in ink or rippling to create a corrugated layer.


A procession of hard hat hair moments and health and safety briefings were negotiated, but plenty of fun was had on the way to creating a lovely set of pictures for a great client to use in this years annual report and a lot more besides. You can find a selection of previous images shot for this client


A peek into the life of this working photographer

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