Collaborating with the enemy

Collaborating with designers to produce good work has always appealed and when there is a mutual desire to achieve a stunning result, even better, especially when you are sparring partners!

Recent design graduate Joe Wright & myself are usually keen opponents on the piste but when Watford Fencing Club needed some banners to promote the club we pooled our talents to great effect for the banners below.

Click here to see more of Joe's work.


The Art of Negotiation

A call from a new agency gave me an opportunity to return to my editorial roots shooting some engaging portraits for a magazine for The Negotiation Society.

With great design and art direction from Chris Perowne at Initials we worked with strong coloured backgrounds and mood lighting to create the spreads below for the first two issues of the magazine for global negotiation specialists The Gap Partnership.

Click here to take a closer look at The Negotiation Society.

TGP-TNS Magazine_We Need to Talk About Kevin-1_1000px

TGP-TNS Magazine_We Need to Talk About Kevin-2_1000px

TGP-TNS Magazine_HAIN-1_1000px

TGP-TNS Magazine_HAIN-2_1000px

Impacting the Brand

Having built up a relationship with leading edge Bioscience company Plant Impact over the last few years shooting their operations and Board of Directors for use in their Annual Reports and on the company website, this year's Annual Report project provided an opportunity to move their visual brand forward with a series of clean, high key images commissioned by Emperor Design.


Shooting tethered to clear layouts with text overlays on screen enabled us to work around various elements of copy and infographics to bring the Annual Report spreads to life and maximise the impact of the image space within the design.





Back to the wall - Part two

Having felt privileged to have been in Berlin before the wall came down I decided to re-visit some of the places I had photographed as a young photography Student back in 1987.

Finding the prints from 30 years ago was the first hurdle to overcome for which a trip up into the loft was ultimately required and I was delighted to find they were still in good order.

This was followed by a concerted effort to find the locations of the shots I had taken without the help of geo tags & the like.

Eventually, a map secured in the DDR museum was my point of reference for trying to retrace my steps along the wall to recreate the shots I took all those years ago from the Western side of the wall and beyond.

My decision to shoot in B&W in 1987 was largely to represent the "cold feeling" the wall gave me in what was actually a very decadent and colourful city as opposed to the approach taken by most of my fellow students who opted to shoot in "full technicolor". Two different approaches which gave a very different representation of the wall and its legacy which I suppose only came to prominence two years later with the fall of the wall.

Thankfully my monochrome approach back in 1987 served to further illustrate the stark differences in this once divided city between then & now.













One location in the former East Berlin that I couldn't track down was way ahead of it's time. Recycling food was widespread in the DDR.


Back to the wall - Part one

A recent trip to Berlin gave me a chance to reacquaint myself with a wonderful city that I hadn't actually visited since 1987 - two years before the fall of the wall.

The Eastside gallery now contains the largest section of the wall still standing which became an "official" canvas for a selection of artists after the fall of the wall and for the hordes of tourists alike.











A peek into the life of this working photographer

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