Knitting for the NHS

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Having the time for "daily walks" has allowed me to explore my surroundings, to notice the details of a burgeoning community spirit, none more so than in the emergence of knitted rainbows and wrappings that adorn the street furniture around the village in a spirit of hope and support for the NHS. This, together with the occasional sight of and polite interaction, at a respectful distance, with other walkers and cyclists has encapsulated my experience of this strange period of our existence.

My focus turned to documenting these details and the efforts of the artists and makers behind them to work on a book project to remember this period where time slowed down, in my case for the first significant stretch of time in nearly 30 years as a working photographer.

Here is a small selection of the images that made the edit.

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Click here to view a broader selection of images from the project.


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