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NHS Estates - The case for investment

Reflecting on previous projects post - Covid and finally seeing some of that work come to fruition can seem strange when we are still living in a very different landscape where social distancing is the norm.

25 years of Extraordinary Days

Working with Kerrie Palmer and Neil Stockwell from the creative team at Buchanan Communications I was given the opportunity along with writer Mark Norman to help to tell the stories of management and employees, service users and their families as well as other people involved with CareTech or who's lives had been positively impacted by CareTech over the last twenty five years.

Putting Health into Place

Working directly with NHS England and designer Antony Harrington from Studio Metier I was commissioned to shoot in various locations around the country to highlight stories from the "Healthy New Towns" programme of NHS Funding where the emphasis was PUTTING HEALTH INTO PLACE.


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