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Retail Therapy in Lockdown

One thing the lockdown has certainly provided us all with is a chance to take a look at the work we have been doing over the last couple of years. Revisiting and editing past work often gives us photographers the chance to tease out some gems and to find our favourites from a job that passed us by in busier times.

Impacting the Brand

Having built up a relationship with leading edge Bioscience company Plant Impact over the last few years shooting their operations and Board of Directors for use in their Annual Reports and on the company website, this year's Annual Report project provided an opportunity to move their visual brand forward with a series of clean, high key images commissioned by Emperor Design.

Retail people

A brief for some Management group shots as well as in store reportage photography for the Debenhams 2016 Annual Report gave me the chance to shoot an interesting mix of Retail people.


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